PHOTO GALLERY    

A sampling of photos from 13 years of drone resistance at Creech Air Force Base

Shut Down Creech, 2016


"Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking."  Mahatma Gandhi

SDC, Spring 2016

Meet Our "Creecher Community" in Action

                                                SDC Organizers, Susan Witka & Toby Blomé

SDC Organizer, Virginia Hauflaire, surrounded by Creechers, Shirley, Dave & Pat
      Virginia, Pat & Shirley in action!

                                Sekhmet Temple Priestesses, MaryClare & Areeya

                                   Maggie Huntington, "Hospitality Goddess"

  Michael Kerr, Veterans For Peace, Bay Point, CA
     Ray Cage, Veterans for Peace, Tuscon
                                              Dave Patterson, VFP  San Diego

SDC, Spring 2021

Fred Bialy, CODEPINK, SF Bay Area 

                                    Ann Wright, CODEPINK & VFP, Hawaii,  (Spring 2022)

     Camaraderie in peacemaking!

                                                    Norie Clarke, CODEPINK, SF Bay Area

Eleanor Levine, former SDC organizer, Oakland

                                    Mary Dean & Maggie Huntington


                                    Connecting the dots:  Militarism and Eco-cide

                                    Ken Kohler, Salt Lake City, and Edwina Vogan, Phoenix

                                    Michael Kerr & Sharat Lin, SF Bay Area
      Remembering the massacres....


SDC, Spring 2021

"You Do Not Have Our Consent!"  (Spring 2022)
                                         Halting Business as Usual for "as long as possible" (Spring 2021)
                                            SDC, Fall 2020
                                            Funeral Procession to Mourn the Dead  (Spring 2019)

      Nonviolent peaceful resistance.

                                         Dan Knox & Dave Patterson, Veterans For Peace

     Veterans Organizations supporting peace and fostering GI Resistance

                                   Brian Terrell & friend   (Fall, 2021)

                                    Indian Springs activist, Ruben Beltran, with Maggie

                                              Ruben, with Creecher friends

                                          We cherish our veterans who are peacemakers.
                                                Thank you Michael, Chris, Ken and Ray!

Remembering Abdulrahman,  
Ray McGovern & Eleanor Levine                                                 

                                                     GG Winter, Ukeleles for Peace!

                                         Aldo Briganti, Italian-Floridian activist for peace! PACE!

 Sekhmet Temple, aka: The Goddess Temple, a sanctuary for healing & prayer on sacred Shoshone land.

Beautiful View from the Goddess Temple

      Daily Sunrise Fire Circles....Preparing for our morning vigils & giving sustenance to our community.

     Excursions include visiting the "wild horses" of Cold Springs, Nevada

                                         Okay, maybe the horses aren't so wild after all!

                                            Waking up to the Nevada sunrise!

     Pizza celebration at Indian Springs "The Oasis" after a long week of "Peazzful" Resistance!

                                    Vera, Las Vegas activist, rallying at the Courthouse.

                                   Dennis DuVall...Telling it like it is.

Creative Resistance:   Mock Drone Attack on Funeral Procession, Spring, (2016)

    Angels in Shock........Post-strike carnage.

"The Audience"

      Mock Drone Attack on Wedding Party, Fall, 2017  (Numerous wedding parties struck by U.S. bombs)

2016 CODEPINK Germany Peace Tour Delegation at Creech just prior to Germany trip.

Shut Down Creech, 2015:

Veterans for Peace, Barry Binks & friend, "educating on the highway."   Check it out:

    Teach-In on Militarism, by Dave Patterson, San Diego Veterans for Peace  (2015)

  National CODEPINK contingent......Love, Rise, Resist

    Col. Ann Wright (with megaphone) and Veterans for Peace affinity group in active resistance.

   Jay R, Las Vegas activist, Standing up for Justice

    Honoring the children killed by drones during civil resistance.

    Las Vegas Courthouse rally at Creech 14 Trial, for Shut Down Creech 2015 drone resistance.

    Lighting up the Base at Night for Justice

Sometimes our actions have an element of surprise! (CODEPINK Fall Action, 2015)

Ruben's artful sign with music by Mike Rufo and Robert Majors



April 2014, CODEPINK 
Memorializing the victims on pink paper drones.

How many kids were killed today?

Special Thanks to the Afghan Peace Volunters who have inspired us all!

Abolish All Wars!

One on one education


Laura-Marie & Ming

The Morning Circle 

Kites for Peace  

                                   We ultimately want to ABOLISH WAR....
                                   but for now:  "NO trillion dollars per year for War!"

Happy 100th Birthday Howard Zinn!  (August 24, 2022)