SHUT DOWN DRONE WARFARE, Spring Action 2023 
 The spring week of resistance will include:
  • Daily themed M -F vigils, (6:30-8:30 am & 3:30-5:30 pm) during commute hrs. at Holloman AFB, to educate, foster GI resistance and “connect the dots” from militarism to climate destruction, environmental degradation, nuclear threat of annihilation and more.  RESIST!  A CALL TO CONSCIENCE.  Hundreds of cars commute to the base daily:  Help us break the silence!
  • Emma's Revolution, nationally known women's singing duo, is joining us!
  • Monday, April 17:  Two drone documentary film screenings, New Mexico State University.  New film, Battles Beyond the Horizon  (2023)  & National Bird (2016)                                Note:  Only a partial film screening of National Bird.  Details Here.                                       Be there to connect with the local Alamogordo community and share discussion and Q & A.
  • April 17&18: Nonviolence and Peacekeepers Workshops led by Elliot Adams, VFP    
  • April 19Powerful Nonviolent Day of Resistance.  BE THERE!                                        ("Risk-arrest" action is optional and support roles are equally important)    
  • April 20, Thursday Evening Panel with music & singing by Emma's Revolution!                Our arranged panelists have been going though some major transformations in the last month, but we now have an excellent line-up:                                                                                 Uranium, A-Bombs & Holloman's Drones:  New Mexico's Legacy of Militarization & Exploitation.      Details Here. 
  • MORE ENTERTAINMENT:  Bring your drums and other instruments, invite your favorite musicians! 
  • Optional nature walks and excursions:  Explore/hike the beautiful Chihuahuan Desert of southern New Mexico and nearby Dog Canyon & Creek trails.  Visit White Sands National Park, Mescalero Apache Cultural Center,  New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo, and more.  Many of these will happen early in the week!
  • April 21:  We are exploring the feasibility of a Peace Walk from Alamogordo to Holloman AFB.  This is a 11-12 mile walk over level terrain.  Or, the possibility of a peacewalk in Alamogordo on Friday or Saturday.  TBD
  • Breaking News:  On April 22, Saturday, ANSWER Coalition & Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) are leading our closing Earth Day Action, mid-day in Alamogordo, where we will connect the dots between militarism and the desecration of our living planet. To include a rally & march.  Details still in development.
Join us for a week of beautiful and joyous angelic trouble-making.  
We are called to action!

Activists from CODEPINK and Veterans For Peace have been working hard behind the scenes.  The greatest news is that we have a very strong and committed organizing team, and our vision is soon to come to fruition!
We hope to see you there!
The Shut Down Drone Warfare Organizing Team
Virginia, Ken, Denise, Charles, Toby, Greg and Edwina