Please note that the upcoming SDDW spring action week at Holloman AFB is currently in development and will be posted as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience!
GOOD NEWS:  Our new registrations are steadily flowing this week, and we have the critical mass now to have a most successful week.  We expect to have a detailed schedule up by Wednesday of this coming week.  
If you can't participate for more than a couple of days, best to come on Tuesday in order to participate in the climactic nonviolent peaceful resistance action planned for Wednesday morning.  NO DRONES FOR GENOCIDE!
UPDATE:  Special Presentations Offered:
Sunday (tentative day):  
New Mexico native, Damacio Lopez,  to give a presentation on Depleted Uranium Weapons and his long time work to establish a global ban on these horrific and toxic weapons.  Note:  "Depleted Uranium" is a lie and a euphemism!
Paul Phillips, who lives part-time in Uganda and part-time in California, to give a presentation on Uganda, and it's "triangle relationship" with Rwanda and the Congo...and the long history of neo-colonial meddling and Western imperialistic exploitation of the people and the lands, causing destabilization and violent conditions leading to civil war.